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Sign-up today and enjoy the benefits of using the platform. Check out these great platform features. business directory listing

Mobile First

Designed and optimize for mobile display. Almost all your clients will view your website using their mobile device business directory listing

Product Display

Your clients and potential customers can check your products and store 24/7. Show your latest products, hot collections and best sellers online. business directory listing

Share and Promote

Share your store to potential costumers with ease. You can reach your audience in more ways than one. business directory listing

Directory Listing

Your store and products are now visible online. Increase your online presence and grow your audience.

Grow Your Business.

Most of your customers are online, so this is definitely where you should be. Expand your reach, create your page, upload your products to make yourself available on the internet.

Get Started Today

With, you now have the capacity to display your products in the digital space. Get creative and design as much as you like.

Web design and ecommerce website Philippines

Register Your Business

An online store is where you display your products and services. You can change the store name, style it according to your own preference, and put your complete contact information. It’s like building an online shop for your business, so customize it as much as you want.

Web design and ecommerce website Philippines

Add Your Products

Upload photos of your products so your potential customers can see them. Arrange them according to categories, add their prices, and include a brief description on each product.

Web design and ecommerce website Philippines

Customize Your Store

Get creative and design as much as you like. You can customize your store using different themes and appearance options built-in on our platform.

Web design and ecommerce website Philippines

Share and Promote

Share your online store through links or QR code. Promote it to your family and friends and ask them to help you spread the word about your new website.

Make Your Business Online.

Making your business online will help boost people’s awareness and interest in your products.

Who Can Use the Platform

Whether you are an online seller, small business owner, professionals, farmer, we can help boost people’s awareness and interest in your products.

Affiliate Marketers

Organize all your affiliate links in one place. Share and track clicks from multiple channels.

Small Businesses

SMEs deserve more awareness and sales. Spread the word about your products to more people out there by boosting your digital presence.

Online Sellers

Create an exclusive space for your costumers to display your products. Link multiple stores with just one platform.

Sales Professionals

Carry your product portfolio any where you go. Share and showcase to potential clients with ease.


Fresh produce is always on demand. Make an online store today so costumers know how to connect with you.


Create a list of your product and services online.

Let Customers Easily Find You

Are you ready to give your customers with an awesome online experience? Add your business name, operating hours, contact details, pricing, minimum order quantity, and other important information.


Easily answer these usual customer questions by having an online store

1. How Much?

Your store has a dedicated section where you can easily input and edit your pricelist and send the link to your customers.

2. Is This Available?

You may edit your product listing to reflect what’s available any time you like.

3. Location?

Indicate your location, contact information, and business hours to keep your customers informed.

4. Details Please?

You can provide a detailed description for each product along with several pictures.

5. Do you deliver?

Along with your business location, you can also choose to add the areas you cover for delivery, your delivery hours, and delivery fees (if any).

6. Can I buy online?

You can link your online store to product cards to make it more convenient for your customers to buy your products.

7. Do you have a website?

This feature is probably one of the best parts of creating an online stall with us. You can create a unique URL that reflects your business name.

8. Do you have contact details?

Search store name and products, sort by location and category, it is much easier for potential customers to connect with you.


Email us any questions or inquries or call (028)-111-1111. We would be happy to answer your questions.








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