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Are you a local fruit and vegetable grower or farmer, wholesale vegetable supplier, trader or retailer?
Are you looking for organic vegetables farm near you or looking for farm fresh vegetables supplies or dehydrated vegetable manufacturers?
Do you want to know the current vegetable prices or looking for organic vegetables farms or suppliers near you?


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Create Your Online Vegetable Stall Today

Are you ready to give your customers with an awesome online experience? Add your vegetable farm name, store operating hours, contact details, pricing, minimum order quantity, and other important information. Upload photos of your fresh produce and description. Showcase your vegetable products and make it easy for customers to contact you and to buy from you. Sign-up to start creating your own online stall today.

Philippines Food Business Directory

How Does It Work?

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Create Your Online Vegetable Stall

An online stall is where you and other local vegetable suppliers in the Philippines can display products and services. You can change the stall name, style it according to your own preference, and put your complete contact information. It’s like building an online shop for your farm and business, so customize it as much as you want.

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Add Your Fresh Produce

Upload photos of your products so your potential customers can see them. Arrange them according to categories, add their prices, and include a brief description on each product.

Philippines Food Business Directory

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Promote Your Online Store

Share the link of your online store through Facebook if you have one. Promote it to your family and friends and ask them to help you spread the word about your newest online store.

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Directory Listing

There’s always a fresh vegetable seller near you. If you are a restaurant or business owner looking for suppliers of fresh and frozen vegetable in the Philippines, use the search directory to browse through our list of wholesale vegetable vendors, traders and find the perfect match for you.

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Design Your Vegetable Store

Once you sign-up with as a Partner, you now have the capacity to display your products in a digital store. Get creative and design as much as you like. You can customize your store using different themes and appearance options built-in on our platform.

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Share the Platform

If you know of other vegetable suppliers or vegetable farmers in the Philippines who may also benefit from having an online stall like yours, tell them about Help other business owners and farmers improve their online presence as well.

Philippines Food Business Directory


Easily answer these usual customer questions by having an online stall in


Vegetable Price?

Your online vegetable stall has a dedicated section where you can easily input and update the latest vegetable price and send the link to your customers.


Is This Available?

You may edit your product listing to reflect available vegetable stocks or inventory any time you like.


Vegetable Vendor Near Me?

Indicate your vegetable farm or store location, contact information, and business hours to keep your customers informed.


Organic vegetable?

You can provide a detailed description for each vegetable product along with details about your farm and practices.


Vegetable delivery?

Along with your store location, you can also choose to add the areas you cover for delivery, your delivery hours, and delivery fees (if any).


Can I buy vegetables online?

You can link your online store to product cards to make it more convenient for your customers to buy your products.


Do you have a website?

This feature is probably one of the best parts of creating an online stall with us. You can create a unique URL that reflects your business name.



When website visitors view a particular product, other products that fall under the same category are displayed. This gives your online stall additional exposure.



Search vegetable suppliers and farmers in the Philippines, sort by location and category, it is much easier for potential customers connect with you.

Who Can Use the Platform

Whether you own a vegetable farm, vegetable vendor and wholesale fruits and vegetable supplier, from small vegetable market stall operations to large scale industrial vegetable processing operations, maximizing opportunities of marketing your business online will help boost people’s awareness and interest in your healthy and fresh products. Same goes with businesses that supply meat, fish, and fresh produce. Amplify your online presence by signing-up here today and start creating your very own online vegetable stall for free.

Vegetable Farmers

Fresh vegetables is always on demand. Make an online vegetable store today so food businesses and restaurants in the Philippines know how to contact you to order fresh vegetables for their menu.

Vegetable Vendors

Connect with restaurants, carinderias, and other food businesses by making it easy for them to find your vegetable products. Listing your business or vegetable farm in an online directory will greatly help with that.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Connect and source directly to local vegetable farmers-producers and get the best deal. Order fresh vegetables and help our farmers today.

Vegetable Traders

Most of your customers and buyers are online, so this is definitely where you should be. Upload your fresh vegetable produce and contact information to make your products searchable on the internet.

Processed Vegetable Manufacturers

You don’t have to worry about spending capital for marketing. Create an online store and promote your frozen vegetable products 24/7 for free using the platform!

Wholesale Vegetable Seller

Local vegetable farm products deserve more awareness and sales. Spread the word about your fresh produce to more people out there by boosting your digital presence.

Organic Vegetable Farm

Organic vegetables definitely deserve to be promoted to a wider market. Make an online stall to increase awareness and promote your healthy foods online for free!


You don’t have to worry about spending capital for marketing. You can create an online store and promote your products 24/7 for free using the platform!


Everyone loves baked goodies! Aside from your usual Facebook page, it would really make your business standout if you have a dedicated online store to promote your products.

Street Food Vendors

Connect with restaurants, carinderias, and other food businesses by making it easy for them to find you. Listing your business in an online directory will greatly help with that.

Pasalubong Vendors

Pasalubong products have domestic and international markets. There’s a lot of potential customers out there so all you have to do is make it easy for them to find you online.


Filipinos will never not like legit lutong-bahay goodness. So, don’t hesitate to upload photos of your delicious dishes and promote them online!

ABOUT PRODUKTO.PH is created by Filipinos to help Filipinos. Our goal is to create an online community where local business owners and local vegetable suppliers, producers and traders in the Philippines can engage to help each other’s businesses grow.

We want to highlight products from farmers, MSMEs, informal sectors, and the rural area. Most business owners miss the opportunity of getting quality and affordable products from these local producers. Our aim is to bridge that gap.

So, was built to help local vegetable suppliers establish a digital presence for their business where they can promote their products and expand the market they can reach. And for business owners, we want to give them a comprehensive directory of quality producers and farmers from all over in the Philippines.

The best products are usually found in far-flung areas in the country and is here to make these products more accessible and easy to find for them.


We Are a Vegetable Suppliers Directory

We connect local vegetable farmers and suppliers to customers.
We provide a comprehensive listing of local business’ contact information.
We are a platform clients and businesses use to engage with each other
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Online Platform

We provide a platform for vegetable producers to create beautiful online stores for free.
We let local businesses connect with their potential customers online.
We offer producers a solution to display their products in the digital space.

We Are a Tool

Local vegetable farmers can engage with their suppliers or customers through
MSMEs can simply share the link of their online store to promote their products. is a free online marketing tool for MSMEs.
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We Help the Community

We help local vegetable producers in the Philippines grow and earn more by providing them access to a wider market.
We help MSMEs, farmers, and local entrepreneurs setup a digital presence for their business.
We help local businesses find the best source of fresh, good quality, and affordable vegetable products in the Philippines.


Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you. If you have any issues, concerns, or want to leave feedback, simply send us a message and we will respond as fast as we can.